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What a Relief

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

I find creating my high relief torn-edge paper pieces such a pleasant experience and an escape from both the mundane and the stresses of everyday life. High relief simply means a piece of art that rises high off the surface. Mine are often 2-3 inches but can be even deeper. A collage workshop I took years ago with Gerald Brommer gave me so much in terms of the technical aspects of making a collage - Using the proper acid free materials and supplies including glues and foundations, sometimes making my own paper and then putting it all together.

I thought I would briefly describe the process of making the more sculptural high-relief pieces today. I usually just start with various torn papers and colours and no specific idea in mind. As I gather together bunches of paper in my hand, I glue them down and create the textures and the flow of the lines I find pleasing. Sometimes it remains purely abstract, but ofttimes, a place I have been, something from nature, or even a woman emerges. Here, a group of flowers grew out of my imagination as I layered up the papers.

I find the whole process very peaceful and fun. You can view some of my high-relief pieces online here or contact me to arrange a personal visit to my home studio in Medicine Hat, Alberta.



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