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Oh! The Snow!

. . . and lots of it! It certainly slowed everything down in this town for the last few days.

And this gave me no excuse to stay out of the studio. I started this piece "Wood at Dusk" even before I moved to Alberta, but I knew it wasn't complete because it wasn't a collage yet.

First, I found some fabric remnants from a silk dress to attach for texture. Some of the deep purple fabric colour still peaks out now. But I knew the moment I added the snow that it was complete.

I used a palette knife to create the sharper edges for the snow on the bark, which expresses the colder weather I am experiencing some nights now: - 20 C ( -4 F). Also, the cool, dark blue and grey colours really grasp the chill of the night sky. Those few pops of colour give the trees a bit more life and interest.

I find this piece helps me set the mood for the coming season and festivities. I have many wonderful childhood memories of winter on the prairies. One particular magical snowfall left hoar frost on all the trees surrounding our farmhouse in Manitoba. I am wondering if YOU have any good memories of "winter in the trees" that you would like to share with me? Comment or send me a message anytime!

"Wood at Dusk" 18" x 24" Collage on canvas

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