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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

I am so excited to announce that my work "Ancienne Noblesse" was chosen as a 2022 finalist for the Ina Gilbert Award by the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The club has an interesting history and I am very honoured to have been nominated to submit work and to have this piece chosen as a finalist - Hanging in the next room are pieces by the Group of Seven. My daughter, Lorenda, was able to visit the exhibit and tour the club the day they officially announced the finalists and hung my work. She was happy to stand in on my behalf and take a few photos for me. Several members milled about and viewed the work.

The Arts & Letters Club is hanging my work until mid-September and is being seen by the public, so you can arrange to see it there in Toronto if you are in the area.



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Edyta Tehrani
Edyta Tehrani
Aug 13, 2022


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